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BioShox UV-C PRO are sterilization lamps for professionals that disinfect surfaces and air 360°. They are characterized by high power, and thus very high efficiency. The PRO Line is directed to hospitals, clinics, medical and dental offices, production halls, railway and bus carriers as well as to other responsible entities. BioShox UV-C PRO lamps sterilize faster and larger spaces. The remote controller allows you to turn on the lamp from a distance, and an additional time delay ensures safety of use.


Terms of Use:

BioShox UV-C PRO 100W sterilizes space up to 80m².

*80m² should be irradiated for at least 1 hour. Smaller spaces proportionally shorter, e.g. 40m² - 30min.


IMPORTANT! BioShox is a professional and certified UV-C lamp with high efficiency. Do not use the lamp in the presence of people or animals. Do not look directly into the light. 

BioShox UV-C PRO 100W

zł856.00 Regular Price
zł684.80Sale Price
    • Rated power: 100W
    • Rated voltage: 100-240V
    • Rated frequency: 50Hz
    • Bactericidal factor: UV 253.7nm, 290uW/cm2
    • UV-C bulb lifespan: 8000h
    • Disinfected area: up to 80m2
    • Timing mode: switch control, electronic timing
    • Movement sensor: NO
    • Remote control: 30 meters wireless remote control
    • Implementation standard: 2014/35/EU, 2014/30/EU and EU 2015/863 with 2011/65/EU
    • IP: 20

Applies to the UV-C lamps only:

Do not look directly into the light.

No humans allowed when switched on.

No animals allowed when switched on.

Do not expose plants to

UV-C light

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