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Our new BioShox UV-C lamp specialises in killing harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, mites and all other health-threatening pathogens. The specially designed lamp shape allows 360 ° disinfection of both air and surface up to 40m2. BioShox does not emit harmful ozone. This means that immediately after using the lamp, you can safely use the space, without the bad ozone smell or the need to ventilate the entire house. To ensure maximum safety, BioShox lamps have been equipped with radar. When it detects human or animal movement, it will temporarily turn off the lamp and automatically turn it on again when the movement disappears from the radar field. In addition, you can control BioShox and set the operating time using a convenient remote control.


IMPORTANT! BioShox is a professional and certified UV-C lamp with high efficiency. Do not use the lamp in the presence of people or animals.

BioShox UV-C 38W

zł599.00 Regular Price
zł419.30Sale Price
  • Ultraviolet C radiation damages the DNA and RNA of bacteria, viruses, mites and other microorganisms. Consequently, they die and lose their ability to reproduce.

Applies to the UV-C lamps only:

Do not look directly into the light.

No humans allowed when switched on.

No animals allowed when switched on.

Do not expose plants to

UV-C light

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