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BS-4000 filters and BioShox face masks are intended to protect the upper respiratory tract from solid particles of <0.5 microns, which gives filtration efficiency at P2 level. The combined filters are removable and can be easily exhanged. 

The product complies with:
PN-EN 140:2001 and
PN-EN 143:2004/A1


The removable combined filter is connected to the mask body using a „bayonet” connector.


To exchange:
1. With the mask facing you, turn the combined filter by 45º anti-clockwise.
2. Pull away from the connector.
3. To replace with a new combined filter, perform the above in reverse.

BioShox Filter BS-4000

  • Face masks increase respiratory resistance during use. The longer the filters are used, the absorbed dirt particles impede breathing. Furthermore, their effectiveness decreases with the increase of carbon dioxide and water vapor between the half mask and face (the so-called dead space). The concentration of carbon dioxide in the dead space increases with each subsequent breath. Therefore, masks (filters) should be changed frequently if there is increased breathing resistance, damage or soiling.

Applies to the UV-C lamps only:

Do not look directly into the light.

No humans allowed when switched on.

No animals allowed when switched on.

Do not expose plants to

UV-C light

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